To fill the hour ride while on my way to and from work I pass the time counting the number of people on their cell phones while riding the subway. I do remember the teenage me falling asleep laying on my transistor radio, however I did know how to be alone with my own thoughts. But now on the train I can take out my sketch pad and draw these people frozen in time with only their thumbs in motion. In the piece below, called Addiction, I was going to put them on the train as I found them but they have ended up at the counter in a coffee shop where they would equally be doing the same thing.J.E.Hooper_Addiction_2019_16x20inches copy.jpg

A few years ago I took a photo of a friend embracing her daughter she knew she would soon be leaving because she herself had an inoperable brain tumor and the image of her arms tightly wrapped around her daughter stuck in my memory. I always say there is a beauty in life we only see in death. I had a need to tell or share the moment and here it is below Cordula and her daughter Eden who I think still feels her Mother’s Embrace and that is the name of this piece.J.E.Hooper_Mother's Embrace_201912x15x2inches copy.jpg

I’m still working on more and have the struggle of what to do next as all the sketches scream out to me “… next me …me…me”. This is when they follow me into my sleep and I wake up knowing what to do next and surrender to what they are telling me they are and let go of my struggling intentions. They are like children born into their destinies while we try to mold with our dreams of who we want them to be. I now embrace the surrender of the unfolding destiny!

The Soloist below is a combo of sketches of an opera singer I drew in the park bandshell almost thirty years ago and a woman I drew recently at the piano rehersing for a holiday performance in a public space in the city. The opera singer with his open mouth, tuxedo and bowtie sat in my brain for years waiting for the right accomptiment.

J.E.Hooper_The Soloist_2019_13x13_inches copy.jpg