Its my third open studio tour in one month but this one is actually in my studio. So the studio is cleaned up from all the times I have terrorized it preparing for another show and now its set up so you can see what I do and now my bath is running. All that remains is telling you all about it and your coming to see the wall of paper relief sculptures.


I hope you can tell that making them makes me happy when you look at them. I love figuring out the design and the papers. The “art” on the wall in this one is a wood cut I made years ago. Its fun to combine the different things I’ve done. I always tell people I just like making things. You will also get to see all my city-scapes from all over NYC.

J.E.Hooper_The Icolaries.jpg

This is my friends house in Staten Island. I got off the bus one day and looked up and was struck by this massive house tethered by all the phone lines and the clouds bringing in change and reflecting that change in the windows.

It has been an interesting journey watching my work in clay morph into what it has become based on the fact  I started in clay making whimsical tableware and because I came at it from my work as an illustrator so my approach was a different mindset.Egyptians.jpg

So I hope your mind is set to take the studio tour throughout Park Slope and Windsor Terrace to see a lot of great art. And before I forget I will not be alone. Lynn Goodman will again be here with her colorful pottery.

Where are all these artist you ask and how do I find them …well here is the poster.

artSlope.jpg Here is the map to find me and other artists. I’m the bold M next to the subway M. See you then. And oh yes …. there will be warm cider and there will be treats! treats.jpg