Let’s see if doing this at 7 pm is better than 3 am in the morning where I tell myself my mind is more fluid, but that’s probably because its melting from yet another long night in my studio. I find great joy and solace in the solitude of the night but the next day when I have to move in sync with the world, being up all night seems like not such a good idea until that next night when I am once again alone with the sounds of the night, the blue light from my tv and the inspiring chaos of my studio.

It may be why I love these new pieces that speak of the same feelings of solace and inspiration I feel when I’m at a music performance. You are alone with the darkness, the vibrations of the instruments and the emotions they inspire. At the moment this piece is called The Grey Wall but this may change once its framed.


There is nothing like the sound of a mournful sax in a duet with a bass to make you think about choices made, to be made or undone. For years I have been attempting in these paper collages to make something that rises up out of the paper resembling the free form unfinished lines of the sketches that inspired them but I was always trying to do it from a sheet of white paper. Now finally the shades of black spoke loud enough for me to hear!

I totally digress from what I really wanted to write about,  this Sunday, May 20th at BWAC. Aside from several really interesting shows – the national juried show Wide Open #9 in our ground floor gallery, members exhibit in bays 1 & 2 on the second floor and the juried Recycled show in bay 2’s center aisle. Time your visit so you end up in the cafe/stage area first for two or three docu-films about making art from found objects or trash followed by a discussion with several artists. That will be followed by John Istel’s Word Cabaret for an afternoon of persona performance poetry at 4pm until 5:30 with “I’m Talking To You …” .

But don’t forget to first look at my piece in the juried show downstairs and then stop by and say hello to me at the second floor desk on your way to view my works on panel #152 in bay 1.