I still have not been able to master creating the work and promoting the work. When I refer to this as my poorly attended blog people always think I’m talking about readers . . . but no I am talking about how badly I attend to this part of my business. I think if I had to pay for the site I’d might be better about this part but pay attention to the fact I used the word might. Its more about switching the brain back and forth.

BWAC opened this weekend and it has been a marathon for me to get there. Aside from my board responsibilities to get us to the opening and to stay ahead of the race I have also been working on Material Matters, the fall show within a show I co-chair at BWAC. There is not only the endless details of paperwork to get there but also trying to finish my submissions for that show (and I know for a fact its no fun not getting into your own show) but to make my new work for BWAC’s summer show.But I love every minute of the “work”!

Still in love with making paper collages this new piece is called “The Contract”The Contract.jpg

and I learned today my collage implies I know more than I actually do because a contract does not need to be on paper.

If or WHEN you do come to the summer show take a slow visually stimulating stroll through The Black and White Show, BWAC’s national juried exhibit in our downstairs space and you will see my paper collage The Long Ride home.

TheLongRideHome.jpg Sorry the better image is locked in my comatose laptop but then all the more reason to come and see the real piece. I love this one. Both of these pieces are based on drawings I did on the subway. Some people ignore me as I draw them, some move and some settle in for the experience. That is if they even notice what I’m doing.

The other piece in our upstairs exhibit (and you will come upstairs) because that’s where not only will you find our members’ exhibit but great music on Sundays at 3 pm and on Saturdays reading either from a Staten Island group or Word Cabaret a Brooklyn based group. But I digress. I was going to show you one of my other paper collages The Luna Sisters another subway drawing reinvented combined with my love of the Red hook landscape.


But before you even get to all of that there is my new fundraiser project for BWAC the ART FAN and just to prove how on point I was with this the CBS Sunday Morning Show did a spot on fans this morning. Last year was talking with Deborah Woodbridge from the Conference House on Staten Island and we were discussing the unbelievable heat of summer and came up with the idea of BWAC artist painting fans our patrons (get it art fans) could purchase and it would be a fundraiser for BWAC.

art fans.JPG

And our membership really arose to the challenge and did not disappoint. I love the diversity of what they created. Its so creative and reflective of who we are as an organization. Thank you BWAC members.

And now after a rough week I need to head to bed. My week began last weekend with my recently fully stocked refrigerator dying (turned out to be dust and heat exhaustion) and in all that heat I had to find something creative to do with the leftovers and also had to cook everything in the freezer. Good night.