And you still need to do your holiday shopping . . . me too. But let me help make it easier for you. Brigidwell at 74 Seventh Avenue, just a few steps away from Cousin Johns, is carrying my leaf dishes and the Rosewood bowl. You can get a cup of coffee and one of Cousin Johns great pastries while you either contemplate which one or how many of the leaf dishes to buy because they are only $30 a piece or congratulate yourself for being the one to get the Rosewood bowl. bowl_hooper-copy

Each year I only make a couple of these in different shapes or sizes and different color combinations.

They also have one of my trays with my handmade tiles. For those of you who came to my open studio sale and saw the beautiful scarves by Victoria Beerman she has several of her beautiful silk scraves in the store. Several of the artist who were part of the Park Slope Windsor Terrace Open Studio Tour have things in this eclectic holiday pop-up store. Who knows if enough of you were to shop there it could be more than just a holiday pop-up.

Now for those of you who crave my landscapes and weren’t able to pick one up either at BWAC nor during the studio tour because they were cooling off in the kiln (sorry for all the heat that created in my studio) you can still get one or more for Christmas at COOP in Bay Ridge. Once again have a nice hot cup of tea or coffee and something delicious to eat at this wonderful little coffee shop in Bay Ridge at 9504 4th Avenue @ 95th Street. The R train stops right there so you don’t have to be out in the cold too long.


Please forgive me for the quality of the photograph . . . its not my medium . . . but you know that clay is and there is even a small paper collage. So for those of you who are missing your trips out to Red Hook and being in that great place where the sky and water are so much greater than the land, where you can sit by the water and watch the sun set while the water taxi makes its last stop for the day at Fairway, you can purchase on of my landscapes and from the comfort of your home gaze upon a city-scape that is changing faster than we would imagine.

You can even get a little peek into what I will be featuring for next year at BWAC as I reinterpret the changing city around me trying to hold onto the memories of what keeps me in Brooklyn. In the upper left and lower right hand of the photo above are images of the scene outside my studio window which I will see a lot of this winter.

Everyone have a safe and happy holidays spending time with friends and family.