Okay everyone so now we are just days away from the Park Slope/Windsor Terrace Open Studio Tour and aside from wanting to share with you my new paper collages there is my ceramic work both the sculptural pieces and functional work.

I thought you would like to see a few images of what you will see when you take the tour and stop by.



Victoria has been working away for months  getting ready for our studio tour making a diverse selection of beautiful hand dyed silk so there is the unavoidable possibility of something to give as a gift to yourself or another.

For those bleak winter days coming up silk is soft and warm and wonderful against the skin and she has found so many wonderful ways to create diverse and interesting patterns in a wide range of colors.



Now that you are all dressed up you or some person you gift  can equally set a beautiful table with one or more pieces from Lynn Goodman who has come back for a second year to show her work. But remember his is not just show and tell you can purchase these one of a kind porcelain functional pieces. I think she will have several large serving pieces like this one below. lynngoodman


These pieces are functional and decorative and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Become a new collector of her work or add to your existing collection. Better yet buy a few pieces as gifts and help start family and friends to become collectors of her work.



For those of you who have seen my work at BWAC you may also recognize the work of photographer Roy Capps. He has been showing at BWAC for a couple of years now but this is his first year being a part of the open studio tour. I for one love how he can capture the most stunning photographs of Coney Island in the rain. Images to follow soon.

And now me. A couple of summers ago it was just too hot to fire my kiln and I needed work for the BWAC show and decided to do something with the paper collage self portraits I had piled on the shelf in my closet. I volunteer at a local hospital in their psych ward and often had the patients do self portraits and I do one of myself making fun of myself so they can also have fun but then I’d bring mine home and as I said just stack them in in the closet. So in the heat of the moment as the phrase goes I took them out and gave them backgrounds. This fall I decided to also be more serious and took a leap in my approach and this was the result:

theeyeshaveitI am so proud of my new work and hope you will come and see whats new not only here at my studio and in my home with invited artist but the work of the many great artist here in Park Slope Windsor Terrace.

Signs in the subway say the Coney Island bound trains are not stopping here so you need to get off at 7th Avenue and then work you way here checking out other artist along the way or ride to Church and take a Manhattan bound train coming back.  I tried uploading it but didn’t work so I’m hoping that if you click on this  link 2016_map_listing_version6   it will allow you to download the map.

Of course as always there will be warm apple cider with ginger tea and a variety of edible treats. See you.