BWAC will open again this weekend for our fall show Brooklyn Is . . . This show will include two juried exhibits. Downstairs our second annual Really, Really Affordable Art Show and upstairs along with the members exhibit of Brooklyn Is . . .  in the center aisle of bay two Art In Clay IV: Up Against The Wall with incredible work by 30 great artist. I am one of the curators for that exhibit along with Susan Handwerker. Stop by for the opening. To celebrate the art and artist there will be live music & great food!

ainc4_postcard_ecardBut don’t forget to check out my new paper collages in bay one panel 160 right next to the desk so you can say hello to me while looking.

My landscapes and city-scapes have always celebrated the land and the beauty of Red Hook but last summer when it was too hot to fire I brought out my paper collage portraits that had been hanging out on a shelf in my closet. They demanded to be seen and now have taken hold of me. I love the experience of creating them, meeting the challenge of how to express what I want you to see and feel. Tell a story in an image. You decide what the story is and the relationship of the characters. Here is The Jay Street Stop

jaystreetSome of the new pieces like this one are based on old subway sketches. I love being able to re- invent an idea. Whenever I am asked how long it has taken me to make something I have to ask you mean from when I first thought about it or the idea occurred to me . . . or when I first began working on it. Are we including the changes? The re-thinking and what it became. When I have taught I always said there is what you intend and there’s what you get and they are both valid. When working with clay you really learn this lesson if you allow yourself to surrender to the process the clay will tell you what it wants to be you just have to be able to let go and let it be. A little bit harder when working with paper it can be not as forgiving.

And what about my clay works you may be asking. I didn’t get into my own exhibit but I do have some of my favorite pieces on the auction wall. They just can’t live at my house anymore. There just isn’t room for both of us. I needed to let go of them to make something new because I’m ready for a leap. I took one last year or was it the year before with the whole Red Hook series but now I’m ready to re-see the land. But as I said I do have a few pieces on the auction and in the Brooklyn Is . . . exhibit.unspoken_words On the outskirts of the clay exhibit you will find a few of my clay pieces like the one here on the left. Its a rethinking of ASL for thoughts explode but with the hand over the mouth I’m calling it Unspoken Words. I’m not done with the sign language yet. All these “words” are hanging out in boxes in my studio and I am now beginning to “hear” them murmuring from inside their boxes that I let them out and do something with them so this winter should be interesting when the BWAC show is down and my crafts shows are over (I’ll talk about that later) I have time to think and experiment and that is the fun of creating.

But before I forget If you are up in Westchester or want to take a ride up to Port Chester NY on the same day as BWAC’s opening . . . but in the evening so you can do both you can catch one of my teapots on display and sale at the Clay Arts Center. The show is called Hot Pots.

j-e-hooper_teapot-1This is my tribute to ladies who lunch of which I am one. When I have more time I will give you my recipe for my killer lemon squares. But back to the show. Its September 24th until the 10th of November 40 Beech Street, Port Chester, NY.

By the way if you wait until that first week in November to go you will catch The Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. There looked to be some great farm to table places plus a wonder time in the country. We’ve had a rough couple of days here in the city and looking at the water along the river and trees and grass sounds good. Not to blow off Prospect Park where you will find some great outdoor sculptures during this weekends continuation of Artslope and then take a stroll through Park Slopes stores and restaurants to see more art as part of Artslope. Bye.