BWAC closed for the winter last fall and I thought I had all this time to make new things for the new season but winter was full of its own surprises and once again it was a rush to the finish to have work for BWAC’s spring show opening this weekend.

BWACrenew post  front ai

Where I live and the people around me are what inspire me and Brooklyn is filled with so much history told through its architecture because it is the one NYC borough that still has existing examples of all of the types of architecture the city has ever had. For me Red Hook still has the feeling of a pioneer town filled with possibilities and I love the solidness of the brick buildings that have survived the wearing of time. I also find something so calming about a place where the water and the sky are so much bigger than the land.


So if you come to BWAC over the next 6 weekends between 1 and 6 pm you will get to see my new works but also the work of over 200 artists many who live right here in Brooklyn.

There is a reason Brooklyn inspires artists. Not only its architecture e but also the tree lines streets and gardens filled with flowers. In about another week the bluebells will be in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and each year love to stand in the middle of the field of bluebells surrounding the birch trees and feel I’m in a Van Gogh painting. It was my love of flowers and gardens mixed with my passion for food that moved me to create my mini cup cake stands.


But that is not their only purpose. They can multi task as candle holders or

 soap   candle

as a soap dish . . . .  ring dish or . . . . votive candle holder sold in sets of four.