I just like making things …. a bowl, a paper relief sculpture or baking something to eat.


There will be madeleines. Twelve in a gift box for $10 with a mix of plain, rosewater with pistachio and a lemon/ginger glaze, coco/espresso. matcha (green tea) and orange.


There are also mini coquito sweet potato cheesecake pies. Two four inch pies for $10. Buy a teapot to have a cup of tea with your dessert or a bowl for the madeleines


So come to the Brooklyn Historical Society this weekend Saturday 11am to 6pm and Sunday 11 am to 5pm. There’s lot so see and don’t forget to check out BWAC’s auction which you can do on line or be there when it happens live on Sunday.

Don’t forget to click on the subscribe to feed button at the top of page below my name. Happy holidays!

An update on what might come with me this weekend to the Brooklyn Historical Society. IMG_3526Or is he looking sad because he won’t or maybe he’s dreaming of cappuccino madeleines and he won’t be there. Photos of cookies to follow in a few days.


I’m still in love with the process of making the birch trees. Years ago I would walk to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to look at, be amongst and sketch the birches. I loved how beautiful they looked in winter and then again in spring when they began to bud. There is something beautiful about their growth and a peeling away of layers to do so. Much like life.

They will be a reoccurring theme in my paper relief work for awhile yet to come as I play with different ways to achieve the peeling bark and that play with dark and light that is natural to them.

A piece I have donated to BWAC’s auction has a field of birches. They came first and then the sky with stars and then I thought someone should be here to see this so then came the woman dwarfed by their presence and the sky.

But lets not forget my ceramic work. Aside from the city-scapes (another one of my loves) there is still my what i like to call my functional art. The Japanese wall hooks will be there showing their multi uses. Everyone likes their holding ties either hanging down or neatly folded . But I like the simplicity of them holding the soap and washcloth. They are just $50 apiece.

getPart     IMG_1102.jpg

Hope to see you there.




Has the holiday shopping online left you feeling unfulfilled? Do you want to look onto the happy face of an artist as you buy something they have created with their own hands and they place it into yours? Do you want to give the gift of a handmade creation to yourself or someone special? Do you long for one of a kind unique gifts to give to someone who is unique in your life? Come to the Brooklyn Waterfront Makers Market at the Brooklyn Historical Society @at 128 Pierrepont Street @ Clinton Street in Brooklyn Heights on December 14 th & 15th

getPart.jpg  I will be there with around 30 other artists selling our handmade art and crafts items that make great gifts from a painting to put on the wall to a bowl or handmade candles. I will have a variety of bowls and small trays and if I get them done on time my espresso, matcha, or rosewater/pistachio madeleines .

But if I don’t get them done there will still be my bowls waiting to be filled with someones special dish. I got into making these oval dishes and bowls because my dining table at home is long and narrow and its how I can have the food on the table to pass around. The bowls are around 12 x 6 x 3 inches and run from $50 to $80.


Or if you are in the bidding competitive mood BWAC is having its auction fundraiser in the beautiful tile hall of the Brooklyn Historical Society and the museum will be open and free of admission during our event. Bid on my paper relief Into The Night Woods.  For the wonder of staring at the stars 12 x 12 x 2 inches …… starting bid $175


Come, give the gift of art with ceramics, paper reliefs, or a small city-scape of Brooklyn

Alleyway copy.jpg

Hope to see you there and if not I hope you have a great holiday.


Contact me if you have questions or there is something you saw during the open studio. Don’t forget to push the subscribe to feed button.

Thank you everyone who climbed up my four flights of stairs this past weekend for the arts ps/wt open studio. It was great to get to meet and talk with all of you and i hope the lemon squares and warm cider helped make it worth the trip.

in a little less than a month you will find me with over thirty other artists at the Brooklyn Historical Society in Brooklyn Heights on December 14th & 15th. More info to follow in a couple of weeks but mark your calendars. First i will let you get through Thanksgiving.

But check out this great article written by Pam Wong. I thank her again for treking up my stairs and checking out several other artist on our tour.

Until then while wandering 7th ave looking for your next meal or cup of coffee look in Robert Carroll’s window to see What!


or in the Nitehawk mezzanine having a nite-cap you will find Waiting For My Solo.

Judith Eloise Hooper copy.jpg

Have a great holiday and hope to see you in December at the Brooklyn Historical Society.

I can’t believe how quickly the year has flown by and here I am again making lemon squares and getting the crock pot down for warm cider for your visit. come see how my paper relief sculptures have progressed.

Here is the wall as it stands now and lets see if anything new happens between now and then.

the wall #2.jpg

And here’s a closeup of Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise Engaged.jpg

2019 November Open Studio Art Tour

By artsPSWT on Oct 26, 2019 10:08 pm

You are invited to our annual Park Slope/Windsor Terrace Artists Open Studio. Dozens of local art studios will be open for visitors, along with special exhibitions throughout the neighborhood. All are located within walking distance and in the beautiful blocks bordering Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Participating artists are listed below. In addition to each open studio, Ossam Gallery at 300 7th Street is hosting a two-weekend show where many of our artists are participating. We’ll also have an opening party, demos, talks and performances.

Open Studio Tour Weekend November 16 & 17, most studios open 12 to 6pm
Open Studio Central at Ossam Gallery November 9 & 10 and November 16 & 17, open 12 to 6pm
Opening Party at Open Studio Central, Saturday, November 9, 5 to 8pm

Download a map here, and be sure to check out our sponsors—many have special offers during Open Studio Weekend.

2019 Participating Artists
(Alphabetical list. Map is grouped by location)

Carol Adams 609 18th St, bet 10th/11th Ave.
Chris Baily 200 St John’s Place, garden level, bet 7th & 8th Ave
Alyce Barr 252 15th St., bet/ 5th & 6th Ave
Josephine Bentivegna Ossam Gallery, 300-302 7th St, 3rd Fl.
Jonathan Blum 285 5th Ave.
Nan Carey 517 17th St, bet PPW and 10th Ave.
Art Cabrera 303 16th Street
Paola (PJ) Corso Roots Cafe, 639 5th Ave (at 18th St.)
Phil DeSantis 229-A Windsor Place, bet 10th & 11th Ave.
Nancy Doniger 7 Windsor Place, bet 7th & 8th Ave.
Chris Doogan 164 15th St. Basement
Raya Dukhan 406 7th Ave, at 13th St. corner
Steve Ettlinger Ossam Gallery, 300-302 7th St., 3rd Fl.
Alice Garik 243 Windsor Place
Rich Garr Roots Cafe, 639 5th Ave (at 18th St.)
Karen Giordano 593 17th St, bet 10th & 11th Ave.
Sandra Giunta 229-A Windsor Place, bet 10th & 11th Ave
Robin Glassman 179 Prospect Park SW, bet Reeve Pl & Greenwood Ave. top buzzer
Lynn Goodman 489 14th St, bet 8th Ave & PPW, bell #8
Susan Greenstein 229-A Windsor Place, bet 10th & 11th Aves
Bob Hagan 202 17th St, bet 4th & 5th Ave
Judith Eloise Hooper 489 14th St, bet 8th Ave & PPW, bell #8
Eric Jacobson 554 6th Ave, 6/15 Green Community Garden, 6th Ave bet 15th & 16th St.
Tom Keough 303A 16th St.
Caryn Kreitzer 16 Temple Court, off Seeley and PPSW
Lisa Lincoln Ossam Gallery, 300-302 7th St. 3rd Fl.
Alise Loebelsohn 215 17th St, bet 4th & 5th Ave
Joy Makon 41 Fuller Place, close to Prospect Ave
Daniel McDonald 623 Carroll St, bet 5th & 6th Ave, Parlor
Susan Meltzer 623 Carroll St, bet 5th & 6th Ave, Parlor
Charlotte Noruzi 230 17th St, bet 4th & 5th Aves., 2nd Fl.
Dara Oshin 243 Windsor Place, bet 10th & 11th Ave.
Robin Roi 609 18th St, bet 10th & 11th Ave.
Bernette Rudolph 457 3rd St., bet 6th & 7th Aves #2R
Cynthia Ruse Ossam Gallery, 300-302 7th St, 3rd Fl.
Howard Skrill Ossam Gallery, 300-302 7th St, 3rd Fl.
Mary Skrill Ossam Gallery, 300-302 7th St, 3rd Fl.
Janie Samuels Ossam Gallery, 300-302 7th St., 3rd Fl.
Deanna Sokolin 363 11th St, bet 5th & 6th Ave. 2nd Fl.
Sean Qualls 335 Prospect Ave., across from Calder Pl. Top Floor
Joyce Weinstein Ossam Gallery, 300-302 7th St., 3rd Fl.




I can’t make the opening party …. but I hope you can. See my work along with about 45 other artist who are part of the arts ps/wt open studio tour next week.

Everyone has a piece in the exhibit so you will be inspired to come see everyone’s work in their studios. Here is a sneak peek at the wall in my studio/home. See you soon!the wall #2.jpg

new works.jpg

These are three works in progress getting ready for my upcoming shows, but its not to late to see the fall exhibit at BWAC and if you come tomorrow afternoon you can see me talk about my work while Janet Rothholz does her gallery tour focusing on some of BWAC’s artist. This will be the last weekend for BWAC’s fall exhibit.

But not the last time you can see my work because on November 16/17 I will be a part of the  arts ps/wt open studio tour. You can see both my paper relief sculptures and ceramic work.

About 40 artists are participating, and they are all showing samples of their work at
Open Studio Central. This is a great place to meet up with friends, family and other art lovers to plan your day. Information on each artist will be available at the gallery, as well as the maps showing studio locations and community sponsors offering special discounts to art walkers. On the 3r d floor, eight fellow ArtsPSWT artists will be exhibiting their works on all 4 days that the gallery is open.

Lastly, on November 9th beginning at noon members of arts ps/wt offer a full lineup of artist demonstrations, short talks & performances, and classes for every age of art fan… with live music capping off the night! We hope you can join in for these FREE art events, nibbles, drinks and music for a beautiful start to your evening.

Lynn Goodman will once again be with me during the tour with her beautiful pottery. So come and see what she has that’s new. A visit to my studio provides the opportunity to see a larger collection of my work- and with more variety- than you would see at a gallery. It is an opportunity hearing first hand my inspiration and process. Directly purchasing art from its creator is also an incredible value.

Here are some people looking at their online maps as they take the tour.IMG_3455.jpg

And then in December after taking a break for a few years I will be back at the beautiful Brooklyn Historical Society with about 30 other artists and crafts people for a holiday sale December 14/15 but more about that later.

But make sure to also check out the new exhibit in the Nitehawk‘s mezzanine going up this coming Wednesday and see some of the work from a few of the arts ps/wt artists.

Okay so I had my fun in the sun this summer, got outta town, stay-cationed, entertained guest, did my duty in the cafe at BWAC and all the while my studio called to me. So to have a sneak peek at things to come and what I will do with my winter months now that fall is finally upon us here is a work in progress at the moment called Nothin But The Bass.

Nothin But The Bass.jpg

I like the idea of being alone with the deep penetrating sounds of the bass in the dark but does he need a partner or is this his moment in a trio or is he fine tuning the mellow tones of a vocalist …. only time in the studio will tell.

But don’t forget there is still time until this Friday evening to see my ceramic city-scapes at Roots on 5th or a few more weeks  to make it out to BWAC and see the shows there. And just one more plug, while at BWAC to see my two pieces in the juried exhibit Color check out BWAC”s makers shop on the first floor to see my functional ware.



If its okay to say about my own work …. I love my new pieces for BWAC‘s fall show. It’s been interesting for me to see how this journey of my paper work has grown. I started calling them collages but have changed to referring to them as paper relief sculptures since I began figuring out how to give them depth and dimension. I like them each for different reasons. Each one telling me a different story which slowly unveils itself to me as I work on them.

RitaRulesTheRoom.jpgWhen I was a student at Pratt we had a model named Rita with big red lips and flaming red hair. I love the hand hanging over the chair in the foreground. It still speaks to me telling me of her feelings of delicacy. This is Rita Rules the Room.

The other end of the spectrum of what inspires me these days are my sketches of musicians performing. I can look at the drawings and remember that moment of being in the dark feeling the music’s vibrations watching for that repeat in the pattern and position of the hands so I can tell you about the moment of magic in the dark. Hands tell so much as do facial expressions telling you how they feel in the moment. This is Waiting For My Solo. I made the paper in the upper left hand behind the musicians. it is how I spent part of my summer vacation. But I digress. Its the expression of the woman on the cello waiting for th duet to end feeling like it will never come. We are all at some time waiting for our moment in the sun.

WaitingFor MySolo.jpg

But you won’t find any of my ceramic works at BWAC. For that you have to stop in for hibiscus ice tea, coffee or a snack at Roots @ 639 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. I’m exhibiting with 8 of my artsPSWT group. Here is a part of the wall where I’m flanked by Alise Lobelsohn and Raya Dukhan.


The other artists in the exhibit are Janie Samuels, Nan Carey, Robin Roi, Bob Hagan, Karen Giordano, Susan Greenstein

There is a wall in my living room where I hang my art as I’m working on it or when its all done. This is the good wall. I can see where I’m going or if I’m stuck and repeating myself which means I’m not growing and challenging myself. Not the best of who I am.

Below is the wall with some old pieces, a few I can’t part with yet and some new works. A couple of these were selected for BWAC‘s national juried fall show, COLOR, some are for BWAC’s members exhibit on the second floor of our gallery and one will be heading across the country to its new home in California. To find out what is what you should come to our opening on Saturday, September 21st from 1 to 6 PM.

before wall.jpg

There is no system to the hanging other than where is there an available nail but in the past couple of days some of the work has made its necessary journeys to their new place of residence and below is the wall with some of the work that has returned from other exhibits. A few of these pieces will be moving on but right now this is the wall I will look at for a few days that will inspire me to do more. Maybe I should call it the growing wall.

after wall.jpg

Suddenly realized I should show the really good wall. The wall that inspires me. The light I follow to do more to be better. to be my best. The walls in my studio are covered with sketches from my almost 55 years as an artist traveling around with my sketchbook, paints and markers finding inspiration in every day life. Also you can see by my finished work drawing musicians as they play is a great source of joy for me. Here is a studio wall.

studio wall.jpg